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Web Wednesday: Make A Map

ESRI, the company behind ArcGIS software, has created an interactive web interface, called Make A Map, that allows users to create and share displays of basic U.S. demographic layers. Guests have the choice of seven different demographic statistics from which to make their map, each with a fixed graduated color ramp. As users zoom in on the map, the demographic representation changes automatically from the state level down to the county, census tract, and census block group level. Users are free to zoom to locations of interest (hometown, university, state, etc.), change the demographic variables, and embed their new map creation in their own webpage to share with others.

ESRI’s main goal for this Web application is to “encourage you to freely create and share demographic Web maps,” as well as to provide a quick and simple overview of some of the Web Mapping API (Application Programming Interface) technology that is becoming available. For more information about ESRI’s other free mapping tools, visit Mapping for Everyone.

Below is an example embedded map showing the median age distribution of persons around the West University/Museum District area.  Explore the map below and then make your own map to share.

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